16 yr old in coma

United States
September 22, 2011 1:16pm CST
it happen at 6:42 am in the morning when 3 teenagers attempted to steal a locked bicycle the owner confront the trio who were stealing the bicycle but the owner didn't know one of them was armed with a knife so the owner ran to his neighbor later the owner and his friend driving in a picup truck looking for the 3 teenagers when the owner and his friend located the trio they were to talk about the bicycle being stolen without a warning one of the teenager pulled a knife to attacked them while his friend being stabbed the driver had no choice to used his pickup truck as a weapon to stop the knife attack . This 16 year old teenager is in coma now the DA would file the charges against the 16 year old teenager if he recover .
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23 Sep 11
A crime gone bad. So no worth all that happened over a bike. While I do hope the teenager survives it just makes no sense that this occurred. I am sure if he could turn back time he probably would have had second thoughts. Just terrible for the men who had to go through this as they will live with this for a very long time. Even though they were defending themselves, it just shows that humans do have feelings and this is something very difficult to live with.
@Netsbridge (3253)
• United States
22 Sep 11
Crime never pays. Wish people would understand that while you can have anything you please, you would have to somehow work for your desired things. I too hope the 16-year-old recovers.