alien is only human fantasy

September 23, 2011 12:06am CST
Alien is only human fantasy because they don,t exist maybe there is UFO but , it never landing I never heard that someone or NASA hear an Alien voice I never saw that Human rocket ship or satellite got crush or shoot by an Alien because like another living creatures , they have to defends they own territory why alien never shoot any of human ship who landed in another planets? :)
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@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
15 Oct 11
I agree with you, friend. That is only a human fantasy and no such things as alien. There is alien words but referring to human which is alien to a country where he/she goes or visit...not the alien which is watch in the movie
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
13 Oct 11
If you say that Aliens are only a human fantasy, then it is like saying that God is a human fantasy also.... we believe God exist no need for physical proof of evidences... and we believe in Aliens that also exist no need for physical proof of evidences... how about Witches? no need for physical evidence to prove because i don't believe in Witches, then never exist.... maybe misinterpreting alien as witches.... but witches comparing to Aliens are very totally different.....
@inertia4 (27961)
• United States
28 Sep 11
I have my reservations on this topic. I can believe that there are other planets out there somewhere that have life on them. I also have a theory, maybe the UFO's that we see are either our military trying out new technology or it is our future coming back in time. Either way, I don't know about aliens being real or not. I think most people would like to believe that, and maybe I do to, but no one will know until the time is right.
@surfer222 (1714)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 11
did you ever see photos of planet earth from the skies. it was only a dot. Saying that human is the only intelligent in the universe for me is a little bit arrogant because we are nothing but a tiny thing living in that blue dot in the universe.
@Triple0 (1904)
• Australia
23 Sep 11
I wouldn't say it's exactly imply a human fantasy, UFOs and aliens are just words we use to describe a possible life form that exists outside the boundaries of our Earth. I'm Christian but I reckon there's other living forms out there somewhere in our diverse universe. The universe is huge and it continues to expand till today so who knows there has to be something out there. Like it's hard to believe that our Earth is the only living planet. What if there's another Earth somewhere circling another sun just like our own? About the aliens shooting down people, that's what we see in the films but we haven't traveled far enough to actually see any other living planets. But who knows?