friends are more than parents

@singuri (571)
September 30, 2011 11:15am CST
First for every one parents are the best friends and our well wishers,but when children grow up and came to certain age they found out friends and some relations.At this point we think friends or the particular person is more important for us.Some even go out and stay away from their parents.This makes our parents to bother about us a lot.I saw many parents still want their children back but they don't understand their parents.I it good? share your opinion on it.
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@bokkers (48)
2 Oct 11
First of all, separation is a stage that a child and parents must encounter. Children at one point has to be separated form their parents such as schooling, college, universities and co-curriculum activities. These are the early separation stages where a child leaves their parents for quite some time but still comes back for regular stays. This early separation process is vital for the development of the children to be more independent and socialize with others. Parents wants us to be close to them is normal, because who the heck has been looking our for us for the pass 20 years in our lives when we were still an infant until a teenage brat. Parents understand that we have to leave them but they also would like us to stay with them. Either way, nothing in this world is bigger than a sacrifice parents are willing to do for their children.
• Malaysia
2 Oct 11
Parents are still very important to me indeed. Without them, I cannot survive in this world. I believe and understand nowadays many teenagers will leave their parents and go for university and working life, include me. But, I will go back and accompany them when I have holiday. Besides that, I will always welcome them to come stay with me when I have my own house. We must appreciate the love that parents had given to us. Friends are good, but some friends will find many reasons when we have problems. So, I am very sure only parents will help us whenever we face problem. Therefore, Pls appreciate & love them. This is what God have give to us.
@jaiho2009 (38988)
• Philippines
30 Sep 11
I understand about this. I am a parent and a mother of 3 young teens. I always tried my best to be my kids friends and not a mother. I want them to open up with me and their feelings. I know kids feel more comfortable with friends than their parents becoz they feel that their parents won't understand them. That is why I want my kids to be my friends.