having a party

September 30, 2011 8:43pm CST
to have a party is a pleasure thing. it is a good choice of relaxing and making people around together and share. Absolutely, it is also the time to show love to the one you are falling in love, and the time to communicate with your leaders and get better understand of each other. And it is quite meaningful to have this party to promote the friendship with your old buddies. last night, our group had a exciting party, and to be frank, I felt so great because I was no longer what I am. and so did my friends. when we run into the KTV room, all of us went mad, and challenge everything that we never slip in the working time. to talk freely and widely, to release our bodies to the full, and there is only "happiness and exciting" to think about in our minds. So my friends, do you usually go the the KTV to have a party and release yourself? come on , to share it , it really sounds great, isn't it?
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@thatgirl13 (7294)
• South Korea
1 Oct 11
I don't really know what a KTV is. Is it some place like the Karaoke Bar? Anyway I love parties and love going and having parties with my friends. We party like once a month I guess, that is more than enough for us though But partying with people you don't know is a pain. Once I had gone with these not so close friends of mine. actually we just knew one another some weeks ago I guess. It was such a kill, I wanted to get out and go home LOL
@Veagle (85)
• China
1 Oct 11
I never take part in a party,because I don't like too many people screaming together,dancing,singing and talking.I like to be alone. But I have a lot of friends.