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@meriel (101)
October 1, 2011 10:13am CST
Im on diet now but i find hard looking for a food that can suit my diet. I can't eat my usual eating habits (the foods that I have been eating) because it makes me fat. it fulls of calories and carbohydrates. any suggestion on what kind of food i should eat and easy to prepare.
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@nixiecole (358)
• Philippines
1 Oct 11
Hey there! Well do the basics. 1. Cook your food with less oil like steam or grill it. 2. White meat's really ha less fat. Try chicken fillet where you take out the skin. Just rub some herb and spices then you could grill or steam it. 3. Fish is also really good. 4. Avoid pumpkins or potatoes because they're full of carbs.
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• United States
3 Oct 11
Wow. I did not know pumpkins were high in carbs! Thanks!
@oldchem1 (8132)
1 Oct 11
It really is very easy to eat well and lose weight. Firstly just eat three good well balanced meals a day and don't snack in between. Eat fresh rather than processed foods - cutting out as much fat as you can and cutting your portions of carbohydrates down. Simple things like changing full fat milk to skimmed milk and using half fat cheese will really help. Instead of sugary snacks eat some good fresh fruit.
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@marguicha (208403)
• Chile
4 Nov 11
Check at the web for the Mediterranean diet. It´s explined in full, including recipes, in a side belonging to the Mayo Clinic. The diet is easy to follow, you don´t get slim fast, but you don´t feel deprived either. I used it and really there are just a few things you are not allowed to eat. Take care!
• India
1 Oct 11
hello my dear friend you can avoid foods which have fats and calories and intake lots of water and juice and have fruits it has no fats like watermelon it does not contains any fats eat food which contain protein and which are healthy. and i think you can do it buss just increase your willing power for diet
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@ranilo70 (177)
3 Oct 11
Try eating vegetables and fruits.