Does anyone play Battlefield 3 Beta ?

October 2, 2011 9:01pm CST
Does anyone play Battlefield 3 beta on PC. I really want to play with someone because all my friends play on console. You can get Battlefield 3 beta on Origin by going to the free games and downloading Battlefield 3 Beta. Also if anyone could join my platoon that would be sweet.
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@Unw0rthy (44)
• Canada
3 Oct 11
I have totally started playing the beta!! omg I need to go and preorder the game. It is so much fun! I am only rank 4 so far and mostly playing medic and I finally got the defib. I think this game is going to be totally amazing when we get to play with vehicles. Having played bfbc2 a ton! like rank 40, I'm sure that this game will surpass it in every way possible.
3 Oct 11
Yeah me too ! Want to be my friend on Battlefield 3 my username is CaptainToxic and platoon is ToxicWarriors.
@yoniarnon (1079)
• Israel
26 Oct 11
I wait for the day it will be in the real version and not only Beta, i don't like to play the Beta games i think it is a spoiler for the full game
@Myshare (14)
• New Zealand
14 Oct 11
Hey. Oh, I really want to play the Battlefield 3 beta! Too bad my laptop is not gaming material. I played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on PS3 at my friend's house a lot, and some BF: BC1. I also notice that Battlefield 3 beta takes up at least 15GB of hard drive space, and I'm running out.
• Bangladesh
3 Oct 11
hey....i play this game.very very nice game.i ply the game everyday...i enjoy the game..u have any new games?pls give me feedback..i join ur game store.ok friend..nice to meet u..see u again..oh sorry ..tnx for gud info....bey