With twin sisters, twice the fun!

@r03249 (357)
October 2, 2011 11:14pm CST
I have a 10 year old twin sisters and they are so adorable. They make my day happier and more colorful. And it's like having two more best friends. :) The only problem is when I buy something for them, it'll always multiply by 2. xD Do you have any twins in the family? How does it feel? :)
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• Philippines
3 Oct 11
i dont have a twin brother or sister. but i have a lot of friends that are twins. which is really cooL! but i heard, if one of them got sick, so will the other. is that true? even though they live apart.
@r03249 (357)
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
Hiya there :D As far as I remember, yeah. Sakit ng isa, sakit nilang dalawa. LOL. And they've always been together so I don't really know if that's true. :)
3 Oct 11
My Grandma has a twin sister. It is always fun when they are together because they both bicker at one another. They are BOTH very opinionated and always think they are right, so it's comical to watch them complain or try to argue about who is right. I wish I had a twin sister or a set of twins for siblings. I bet that would be entertaining as well. :)
@r03249 (357)
• Philippines
3 Oct 11
Hiya there primshine! Having a twins in the family is certainly fun but I dunno how it feels to have your own twin, and I believe it's trice the fun. :D Yes, indeed. It is entertaining. :D Have a blessed day!
@maximax8 (31060)
• United Kingdom
5 Oct 11
It is excellent that you have twin sisters aged 10 and find it double the fun. Yes, you always need to get a gift for both at their birthday and Christmas. My sister's husband has a twin brother living in Canada. It is a shame these two live in separate countries. I am friends with a twin and he has an identical twin brother. Those two look the same so much so it can be really funny. My mom saw the brother and it was really my friend. Those two have similar names which doesn't help.
@vivamir (672)
13 Oct 11
Hi r03249.. My youngest siblings are twins.. a boy and girl- they are 16 now!!! And its awesome- asides from loving them to bits, I completely understand where you are coming from about buying things in twos LOL.. but its well worth it.. every time... Im blessed to have twins as siblings, as when they were younger we used to have a saying for them both 'MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO'..*Ha Ha*..suited them down to the ground honestly...the amount of mischief the pair of them used to get up to.. I still remember when they were younger, all the times the would both try and get into my bed, or when they would both ask me to make them food- just the little things that used to bring me joy- even til this day.. they bring me so much happiness.. (",)
@JL_Beldua (102)
3 Nov 11
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