who's to blame?

October 6, 2011 5:35pm CST
print adds are filled with the subject about climate change and global warming and similar subject.the change in the worlds weather pattern brought diverse effect both in environmental and in economy of those who were affected much of this change their talking about.i may believe that nature may be blame to has cause all this, but the most contributing factor of the weather change is no one but us, humans..look what we're dumping both on air and land, look what happened to our forest all those trees were gone, recently the worse flooding in almost every part of our country is the result of this uncontrollable logging done in our forest,that ones denuded could not hold rain water and will rush through low areas as a flood..the sudden flooding that killed thousands in ormoc city,the recent flood that engulf bulacan,pampanga,nueva ecija,pangasinan,is a just a bitter taste of a bigger problem, bigger flooding which the people will face living in low lying areas..then were we going to point our finger to blame, is it the government, the nature...or us? if i may suggest i think people living in these low lying areas should consider other higher ground because the worse is yet to happen in coming days either we like it or not.
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