Making money out of chocolates

October 9, 2011 12:09am CST
How do i start my own chocolate business?
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@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
13 Oct 11
starting a chocolate business would require the same business plan that any other person starting a business would require. what i would do is start doing research on how to start a business.
@redyps (44)
• Philippines
9 Oct 11
Few year ago, we had a bakery and as observed it's necessary to have a uniqueness on your recipe. There's a lot of cheap and delicious chocolate available nowadays so the competition is very tight specially against the local brands. You have to be creative from design to packaging even your business' name. Hope this helps and give you some idea.
• China
9 Oct 11
Get a recipe first. It may be not good enough at the beginning but you should remember to improve it all the time. Besides, your selling ways had better be creative. For example, you can use chocolates to make some cute stuff, or let the customers make chocolates themselves. Flavour is also very important, like using Earl Grey Tea to give the chocolate creation a flavor of the bergamot. (seen on the internet) Good luck.
• Philippines
9 Oct 11
It takes serious commitment for any business so before asking this question ask yourself if you can do it, with conviction. First keep making those products until you perfect them. Then do a small test. Make some people in your community taste and critique your product. If they like it go market it. Start small and when demand increases that's when you find someone like a middleman to help increase production of your product. The important thing is INNOVATION. You have to have a unique cholocate product taste because now everyone is copying each other. So Good luck! send me a sample when your successful