Do you believe that Ameican are still leading roles in world ?

October 9, 2011 4:12am CST
I heard many doubts on my own country's ability to deal with the recession. Most people in my town are not willing to discuss the future of life. We live in poor life quality and the government seems to be helpless at this time. And we saw a lot of news and critics of rising up of China and other countries. I know that we still have huge influence in the World. But how long is the question. Do you still believe that we are the leading roles in world?
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• India
16 Oct 11
Not only america,but most of the developed countries have reached the peak of their growth.So i guess it is time for developing countries to try to catch up with them bus still developing world is far far behind the developed world.Also,when economy of rich countries' economy shrink it affects the growth even the fast developing countries.May be in the coming decades BRIC countries might be a counterweight to the west.
• Taiwan
20 Oct 11
But BRIC have their problems on politics and economics. For example, Russia people have their own freedom to vote their president, but their politics is still not free. I can not figure why a president can be so long. It make no different than dictatorship. Same thing happens on China and could be even worst. China is not just dictatorship but also crude. It sent its troops to suppress remorse area like Tibet. If they want to be a super power, then they need the cooperation from all residents, not kill them and suppress them.
• India
20 Oct 11
I too agree with what you said about china and russia.But russia was a super power in the past.It is all about military strength and economic strength i guess.Also,in bric,china and india are enemies.Russia and china were also great enemies. But in terms of economic strength Bric might be a counterweight to west in the future.
@noscarl (105)
• Philippines
8 Nov 11
not only america.. I think china too, china is a rich country like america.. These are giants.. But mostly america is leading.
@mr_pearl (5018)
• India
20 Oct 11
Hi.. I like America and its culture. I like the directness of theirs to deal with important issues. They don't beat around the bush. They simply do ir, directly. E.g. The war against Laden! The cause was just and they finished him off, even if it took a decade. One of these days, I'll certainly come to live in America. And yes, you are still a super power. China can't become one because of their impatience and readiness to start war by meddling where they shouldn't. India, my country, has the ability, but unless we wash ourselves clean of the corruption, we can't succeed. Russia could have done it, but they failed due to rigid system which was suited to middle ages n not the modern world. So she integrated n fail to pieces. And there's no other name worth mentioning here.... So rest assured, dear Americans, you'll still be the super power...