Does "The Matrix" bring you the new version of what future is ?

October 9, 2011 6:34am CST
I have a lover of "The Matrix" related movies. It brings me a new though of what future is. The future that is possessed by the computer is pretty similar as the reality. We heavily rely on the computer and electronic devices in our daily life. The robot gradually replaces the human resource in the factory and even war zone. When I first watched the movie of Matrix, I though that was ridiculous and impossible that computer would grow so large to take control of human's life. However, after so many years from releasing the movie, I think that it may be possible in one day, if we don't stop relying on advance technical devices. Do you think that is possible? What's about your opinion?
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@ShepherdSpy (8544)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
9 Oct 11
Technology can be a Blessing or a Curse,depending on how it's put to use..The Matrix (Have you seen the Matrix Back story Movies,"The Animatrix"? they fill in some gaps in the story-The Kid who comes to meet Neo when the Nebuchadnezzar returns to Zion was in a similar situation to Neo,but believes Neo Helped him get out of the Matrix..) and the "Terminator" series illustrate possible futures that could come about if too much trust and reliance was put in the Machines..
• Taiwan
9 Oct 11
Yeah, I've seen both series of "Terminators" and "The Animatrix". The way of presenting future for "The Animatrix" is pretty scientific fiction, not that real. Robot abruptly produce "conscientious" and start to invade the human's world. For "Terminators", it's little different. The super computer controls the weapon system and use it against human which seems possible in future. But both series focus on question--Can robot have independent thinking as human? For me, it is quit possible, if the related technical problems have been solved in future.
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
17 Jan 12
Robots being given or developing thought processes in Science Fiction is an extension of the Logic programmed into our present computerised machines and what that could mean for us..In these Movies,Rebellion by the Machines was the predicted outcome.. Another Movie to consider here would be "I,Robot",with it's society using Robots created using the "Three Laws of Robotics"..If You haven't read Asimov's Books or seen the movie,His "3 Laws" concept is highly regarded in the development of AI..
@faizyg (27)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Jul 12
The concept of the movie was very creative at the time when movie was released.Many people took it as a fantasy movie.But this movie has shown us the upcoming destructions of future because of technology in their own way.As we are getting advanced in technology the situation is getting more worse.But its not possible that machines are going to take over this world.We have already lost this war by relying on machines.
15 Dec 11
i think it is very possible, if we keep creating robots and stuff, one day they will upgrade to have self awarness, then we are lost :D