Its been a year already since i visit mylot

@dorothy09 (1520)
October 9, 2011 7:15am CST
Its been a year already since i visited mylot. Im looking forward to have fun posting and answering discussion here. When i tried logging I was tempted to ,make another account because i failed logging in. Thank God i archive my emails and retrieve my password. So happy im still using my old account. Its been 3 years already that i became a member here i just could not give up my account. Looking forward to joining discussions here :)
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• Philippines
9 Oct 11
Hello dorothy, the last time we had a bit of chat was during the 2010 elections and after that, hehe, what have you been doing all these months?. yeah, I was wonderiing where you had been, we missed you
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@Chevee (5914)
• United States
9 Oct 11
Hi dorothy09, Good to have you back. I left for a while too. And thank God that I kept my account opened, I also had some earned cash in my account and that helped a lot. I enjoy posting here and responding to the discussions. I hope to be seeing more of you.
@jay2011 (40)
• India
9 Oct 11
Hi dorothy Welcome back to mylot. Yeah, it's difficult to leave mylot. So many interesting people are coming up topics with exciting variety, staying away from this platform is really not so easy. Me too, like you, skipped mylot for a while. And I'm not fortunate enough like you, so I forgot my password and eventually lost the account. Anyway, I have opened a new account, although missing my old friends, still it's better to be here. Happy mylotting.
@shell94 (990)
• Canada
9 Oct 11
I too have not been on Mylot in quite some time. It is a very nice feeling to be back. Maybe there will even be a few people that can help me with some of the issues that have been happening in my life that kept me away. New beginnings is my motto from here on out and this is just one of the ways I intend on doing just that!!!
@parjono (39)
• Indonesia
9 Oct 11
I have recently joined MyLot today. I began to enjoy the discussions on MyLot. You have for years, is in MyLot, you would really enjoy MyLot, so you back to discuss again at MyLot.