Some losses are really very difficult to stand.

October 9, 2011 8:49am CST
Everybody must say goodbye, some day or the other. Yet when someone we love a lot leaves us for ever, reconciliation with the loss becomes really difficult. Do you also agree with my observation?
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@inertia4 (27961)
• United States
13 Oct 11
Everyone who loses a loved one has a hard time with it. It is called grief. There is always a period of that. But, like they say, time heals all wounds. Time will make it easy to let go. Remember, you will never forget the person, but you move on.
@toniganzon (72285)
• Philippines
12 Oct 11
I lost both of my parents when i was 13 years old. I thought my world has ended there. But it hasn't. We all have moved on but of course there's always a part of us that seems to be missing. It was difficult and i thought we would never recover from the loss. But we have our own family now and we seem okay. It didn't take forever for us to find that reconciliation.
• United States
10 Oct 11
Oh No!! Did you lose your friend? Say it aint so! Yes saying goodbye is very hard. I lost my dad at age 12 and my mom in 2005! Both were very hard. We all will die someday.all we can do is enjoy each other while we have them.
• Philippines
10 Oct 11
Yes, there are losses which are irreconcilable. The recent one that I have been through involved a younger brother. Until now, his case is still in court although it has been years since then. The trouble with the courts of men, it hardly grants our due in law. I understand why there are some who refuses to have their problems resolved in the courts of men. It is hardly reliable to give us our due in lawfulness. So the reconciliation for the loss of a loved one's life becomes even more difficult to achieve this way. It was a car accident that claimed my brother's life. All the members of the family have all the reason to believe that that accident was intentionally committed.
9 Oct 11
Losing someone is always hard and sometimes people to try and help themselves get over the lost subconsciously the brain removes them from close memories to make it easier for the person to move on, I've found that being able to say goodbye to the person may seem harder than if something happened, however at the time it might seem harder in the long run it is easier to know that you had the chance to say goodbye. Losing someone to a tragic accident is the worst :/