Does education of university equal job ?

October 10, 2011 11:21am CST
The tuition of universities is still raising in recent years. However, I don't there is any co-relation between tuition and your career opportunity. You pay more and You get higher chance of getting a job. It seems that it is just a fake. Many students think that the high tuition is not deserved for them. After all, you just a certification and a huge debt. What about your country ? Does your country has same problem of education. I eagerly listen to your opinion.
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@petersum (4522)
• United States
10 Oct 11
Education doesn't give you a job. But it is often the student's own fault. How many choose IT subjects? They are obsolete before they even finish the course. And there never were thousands of jobs in IT! Education is only as good as you make it. Engineers and electricians will always have a job. Anything else is a pure gamble!
• Taiwan
10 Oct 11
I think that you indicate one point---that only some departments would actually afford you a job after graduation,like engineers, electricians or doctors. That's why they are so hot in recent years because you don't have to worry about your jobs and your life career has already been set up. However, those departments are only small parts of education. If other students want some jobs, sorry ! you have to find the jobs by yourself.
• United States
7 Feb 13
Education is severely oversold here in the USA. I mean we have unemployed people who are accruing more and more debt just because they want a decent job which is no guarantee. My advice to those wishing to go to college or go back would be this: 1. Work as a much as you can. Having a job will prevent you from having to settle for a job that won't be right for you once you graduate. 2. Avoid student loans as much as possible. 3. Utilize community colleges for lower tuition. 4. Choose a major you have a good chance at success. I am not saying that students shouldn't follow their dreams. I am saying that students should take a realistic look at their chances of success in a given field. Someone who doesn't like blood shouldn't be a nurse. You have to be the best of the best to succeed in fine arts.
• United States
11 Oct 11
To get a good job to earn a lot of money, you do need a degree and I think it does help you a lot to go to college for it.
• United States
10 Oct 11
you need a degree or cert to get a good job PERIOD.
@bent31 (85)
• Canada
21 Jul 12
I kind of agree with you jammyPaul. However I really think that through networking, connections, reliable work experiences, and a degree or certificate will land you a good job (and in the end, you can pay off your loans and tuition). P.S. I'm currently in my 2nd year of university.
@Otanetix (508)
• United States
29 Aug 12
No, a degree from a university only means you received a formal post-secondary education. While many people pursue a formal education at a university. It all depends on you. You need to make use of all your resources provided to you. Usually universities provide a good number of resources to help you in your search for a career. If you do not take the time to use your talents to the best of your knowledge, then a degree is just something on a piece of paper.
@yashumgm (183)
• India
10 Oct 11
Yes higher education does not equate to a higher pay. In India, for example, we have guys who have passed tenth grade and are making more money than people doing their Ph.D's. I think it depends mainly on how an individual utilizes his talents to the utmost. But personally I feel studying till graduation is a must because it opens up your mind to many things. Education in not a means to earn more. Education has become costly lately and even if you land up in a good job after that, you end up paying back the loan incurred for the degree for years. A cheaper university with minimal facilities would land you in the same job if you have the motivation and skill.
@zubirik (111)
• Philippines
10 Oct 11
In my country, the tuition is also rising but actually it is not necessary that the higher you pay the higher chances that you win a job. It is a matter of choice what course you take up and how you bring up your education. If you have higher grades and a very good scholastic record then that would be your ticket on getting a good job that pays you well.