Population Control in the Philippines....

United States
October 12, 2011 5:08pm CST
Philippines is one of the most populated countries in the world.90 million in a country the size of Arizona. Along with millions of people comes problems associated with it.I do believe that over population is the number one problem the Philippines faces that needs immediate solution.I just don't see it happening soon,mainly with the opposition of the catholic church to a senate bill written by Sen.Cayetano and Sen.Santiago,while majority of Filipinos are in favor of its passing,I'm doubtful that it'll ever be implemented.
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@emptydb (80)
12 Oct 11
...well as expected in politics, if there are cons, there pros...if we have to be dependent on the outcome of these bills then we will not be moving forward...i think we should start to deal with independence this time to solve a lot of problems in our country like of this population problem...if a family knows that they can't even afford to send a child to school why not stop having additional kids...this is just like if nobody starts learning how to segregate trash, i think we have a problem there...DISCIPLINE is the key word in each one of us and i guess we all have a peaceful and happy country.....politicians are just like ordinary people with different thoughts and moves but whatever it is we should know how to start learning for whatever should be learned...big things started from small ones...you can't have a 500 peso bill without having a cent...
• United States
13 Oct 11
You hit the nail right on the head there EMPTYDB.....Discipline is what' s lacking in so many aspects of Philippine society.....self-imposition of even half the discipline Singaporeans have would be a great deal for us to move forward as a nation.....wishful thinking?heck no!it can be done...
14 Oct 11
Yes i really agree, it can be done! If other countries are successful in achieving their goals, why can't we since to think we are the people who doesn't give up easily and whatever problem that arises we just smile and move on :) ...
@piya84 (2589)
• India
13 Oct 11
Just look at the china and India and you will worry less.
@jpso138 (7860)
• Philippines
13 Oct 11
It is sad to note that this is happening in our country. Though the answer lies to each one of us. I really do not understand why there are people who continue to make children when they cannot even provide food and education. There are really those who do not think and those that do not plan. In the end, the children will suffer. Consider this attitude, I guess its about time that the government should take action. I know that there are those who are oppose to the bill.. but the question is... what are there alternatives? The church has been very vocal about the issue but what have they done? I wish everyone will face this issue with an open mind and think practically.
@chiyosan (30213)
• Philippines
13 Oct 11
i do not think we would ever go forward if we wait for the senate monkeys to finish whining about their bananas, if you know what i mean. the people of this country should be much aware of their own responsibility. if you can afford to support 5 children, then so be it... but if you can't stick to one and Don't blame the government. It is not their "act" that made the baby! haha oh well i wish the country well. doesn't matter how many people we are, but we just need to own up to our family and value each child and not treat them as our treasures if you are not even capable of putting food to their mouths 3 times a day, right... what will be a child's future if he/she is set out to the streets selling a couple of candles, flowers, and some other stuffs? na-da!
@jammyPaul (101)
• Taiwan
13 Oct 11
Immediate solution would use the same policy as Chinese government do--one child for one family. However, it would cause side effect which is gender imbalance. Gender imbalance would make people find no spouse in their mating age and also cause severe society problem. For example, over female population as Ukraine has reduce its country population growth. And most women have to live their country to find her important one. This is not a good sign for country development. Over male population as China, most men have to chose other female from other country. This would cause the conflicts between two different cultures and may influence their descendants. In either way, imbalance gender would induce more problem rather than no control. Government has to develope proper policy to deal with over population.