Nightmare I can't get rid off.

October 13, 2011 11:02am CST
Eight years ago my family lived in an apartment and our next-door neighbour was a thirty-something psychotic man lived with his old parents. We totally got no idea that the man is an psychopath. All we know was he talked little, went to work every day and sometimes listened to opera with his parents. And every time my dad met him in the corridor, my dad said hi and asked if he want a cigarette. As time went by, one day I heard a very strange voice outside the door. It sounded weird and I recognized it was that man's voice. At first I thought he was singing an opera, in an very awkward way. But it happened more frequently in the next few days. And it sounded horrible to me. One evening my dad just arrived home and before he closed the door, that man just burst into our apartment, kitchen knife in hand. My dad grabbed his arms and throwed him to the ground. That was pretty cool.(Actually, my dad was nervous because later when he tried to call the police he dialed the fire telephone...) After that we just moved out. But I always have a dream. In the dream our apartment door is usually broken or just disappear, and that man stand outside the door, making strange voice and trying to get into our apartment. It scares me every time. I think it's just a terrible nightmare that I can't get rid off.
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@enelym001 (8322)
• Philippines
13 Oct 11
It seems that event that happened eight years ago has become a traumatic event for you which is why you're having recurring dreams about the man. I believe to overcome your fear to that guy is to try to fight him in your dreams, that is if you could. Coz even I can;t control my own dreams =) Try to recite a short prayer every night and upon waking up from this nightmare.
• China
14 Oct 11
Thanks for your advice.
@JoyfulOne (6232)
• United States
13 Oct 11
Wow! Scary! I think I would be more surprised if it didn't come back in dreams. I don't know how old you are, but it might help to talk it over with somebody, just to get it out of your soul. Sometimes verbalizing things to another person helps put it into perspective, and helps get it out of our system. Things I would do would be to make sure I have adequate door locks, as well as window locks. I would make sure I had some kind of phone (land line or cell) right by my bed, as well as maybe a lock on my bedroom door. Sometimes doing things like that lets your brain know subconsciously that you are safe from harm. I've had somewhat a similar experience in my lifetime, when I lived by myself and had a stalker repeatedly try and get in my apartment for weeks on end. I talked with the local police, and they increased patrol in my area, as well as give me advice how to keep my apartment even safer. I did have nightmares for a long time, but with beefed up security, and an added lock on the inside of my bedroom door, I began to feel safer when I was sleeping and at my most vulnerable. I know it's been 8 years, but it still takes a long time to feel safe and secure sometimes. When you do find you're having that dream, instead of laying there in the dark thinking about it, do some tv, listen to some music that makes you feel good (and calm) or read a book (though nothing scary!!) I wish you well innie, an experience like that is rough on a person!
@viju0410 (2286)
• India
14 Oct 11
hi, you might feel relaxed when you share or talk it out about it with your closed friends. But seeing a doctor / consultant will eventually help you to get rid off those scary moments, i think so. His parents would have admitted him to a mental asylum for treatment.
• Philippines
14 Oct 11
Try to talk more about it, especially with your family. Experiencing a traumatic situation really hunts you for a long time, especially if you suppressed your feelings. Also when you had that nightmare again, as what enelym had said, fight him. I know you can't control your dreams, but you can try to trick your mind into thinking that you are still dreaming and that you are fighting him. And ofcourse, make sure that you win in your pretend dream, ok? LOL, coz if not, then there's really no point in fighting him. =) Hope this helps