Are suiciders brave

@bodhi_91 (191)
October 15, 2011 1:20pm CST
I just heard today people saying that it is really cowardly to suicide and run away from facing your life. I was wondering is it really true? Does it really not take a good deal of courage to jump from a high building or lay down below such a fast moving train? can we really consider them coward??
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@whatrow (792)
• United States
29 Oct 11
It takes a lot of courage to step into a different reality which we know nothing about and can never escape from. It is hard to believe that the hardships the victim faces in this life are great enough to urge a person to take that horrible step. But, it happens every day.
@pahak627 (4558)
• Philippines
20 Oct 11
Of course they are considered cowards. They are afraid to face the reality of life. Most of them but not all are mentally sick and depressed that is why they could not think very clearly.
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
15 Oct 11
There are people that say they are cowards for giving up, I don't think they are because we really hit some walls that really seem to have no end, there's no hope in the end of the tunnel and they just rushed into a decision: to end. Now to take your life, sometimes by even cutting your self off that's though so there's courage in there too.
@Madman22 (99)
• United States
16 Oct 11
I think people that do commit sucide on them selves are pretty cowardly cause they are afraid to face things in life that come at them. They are not willing to face the troubles that they are having in life. People that commit sucide can easily get help from others, but they choose not to and end there precious life. So again my answer is yes people that do commit sucide are cowards. Happy Mylotting!! :)
• China
17 Oct 11
I think it depends on the reason why you choose to end your life. some people killed himself because they believed to die is better than live in stigma.Laoshe, my favorite writer killed himself during the Culture Revolution. It was really a hard time for people who pursued the truth.
@boyuancy (1708)
• India
16 Oct 11
In a was yes bacause it takes a lot of guts not only to jump from a building and gulp that poison up but just to think that you are gonna leave the people you love and may never meet them again. Also who knows how they take it?