What is your feelings after breakup?

@sanofer (525)
October 16, 2011 7:15am CST
Why nowadays relationships are not strong and ending in breakup soon? After breakup how you will feel? Have you ever thought that you have wasted your time on someone who is not suitable for your love or will you save that feelings in the memory as a precious thing forever? What is your view?
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@thatgirl13 (7294)
• South Korea
17 Oct 11
I have been in a relationship once before and I truly loved him. It was going good but we broke up after a year. I was so devastated. It felt like there was a hole in my heart, I swear!! That was one of my toughest times of my life. I am not exaggerating anything here.
@eljayo (1105)
• Philippines
17 Oct 11
Hi! I think it depends on the reason of your breakup. Feelings are not easy to remove that is why you need time and space to be able to move on. But before we decide to break up with our partner think about it wisely so that we wont regret our decisions and become bitter in the future.
@LittleMel (8743)
• Canada
30 Nov 11
first break ups I had I was 18 - 19 was very hard. but after a few more break ups it didn't hurt me as much and I moved on faster than first break up moving on is not hard. people just make it complicated. it's clear that this person doesn't love me anymore. so why am I holding onto him for? what's he supposed to do? take back his words and stay even if he doesn't love me? I wouldn't stay with someone that doesn't love me, so why should he? my last "break up" was from 11 yrs marriage we are still friends, in fact happier that way someone asked me what if he cheated in marriage? I said who cares? we are done. whether he cheated/ not, I cheated/not, we're done.
@youless (111885)
• Guangzhou, China
17 Oct 11
To me, it is like the end of the world. No matter what reasons to breakup, it is still very hurtful because at first you were supposed to be together one day. Now you have to separate. And this kind of feeling is quite sad. It does take a long time to recover. I love China
@deliar (609)
• Indonesia
26 Oct 11
Maybe it is caused by weak of Love/ luckily i've never breakup, but i think it will be so hurt. i agree with what you say. when you have breakup with someoine you have to forget about him/her and let him/her go from your life. because,if you dont, it will disturb your life and destructing you.
• Ireland
20 Feb 12
At this stage of my life, I would hope that I will never have to go through a breakup again. I am settled with who I believe to be my life partner. The way I see it, the previous relationships and breakups, however miserable I felt and however hopeless I felt after each one, I know now that those breakups shaped me. Those people are a part of who I've become today and I wouldn't change those experiences or what I've learned for the world. It hurts, but as they say, no pain - no gain.