Background is really that matter ?

October 21, 2011 5:21pm CST
Recently, I have seen a news that reports Ms. Clinton, daughter of president Clinton, has been invited to be board member of InterActiveCorp last month. A board member that means she has the professional ability to handle running business for such huge company. Is she that professional ? Many critics do not think so. She is only 31 years old and not yet have a doctoral degree. Well, running a business is far different than pursuing a degree. Without actually experience of running business, most people would not agree that such person deserve this position. But, when I see the example of Steve Jobs, it just make me feel some people can earn a job with piece of cake, and some people have to work hard and be that smart and lucky to earn a job. It is just not a fair a little bit. What's about your opinion? Do you think that background is really that matter?
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• Philippines
22 Oct 11
no.. everyone of us has to overcome the stress of pursuing a dream. steve jobs didnt just earn a job quickly, he had to work hard on how this and that about his apple products, every spec he has to think of, its not that easy. about your question well it depends if one's background so bad but does well in the present then it wont matter anymore, because he/she should have wisdom by now. on whether whats wrong or right, experiences are good teachers.
• Taiwan
22 Oct 11
I think that you misunderstood my meaning. I use the example of Ms.Clinton compared with Steve Jobs. Of course, I know and everyone should be familiar with Jobs's story. He did not get his first that quickly and easily. And he did not even finish his school. His career life is actually established by hard working and struggling. Apple company has once fallen to the bottom and is saved by him again. It's not easy to rescue a company, like Apple.