Karzai Says Afghanistan Would Back Pakistan in a Conflict

United States
October 23, 2011 6:01pm CST
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/24/world/asia/karzai-says-afghanistan-would-back-pakistan-in-a-conflict-with-us.html So not only did we put a guy in whose own brother was involved in the drug trade but now he is spouting off about if we take any action against Pakistan (you know the country that actually has nukes and has ties with terrorist) than we can count on him turning against us also. Now I know the guy has to please the masses in his own country and is probably doing exactly the same kind of thing he did with the "burning the Qur'an" thing to try and divert attention away from his own corruption but still I have to ask doesn't anyone see the pattern here? You know we put a man in power he is our friend than he is our enemy and we are more hated for it and have spent not only money but lives doing it. Once again I have to ask why do we spend more than a trillion making other countries safe who will be our enemies within a decade (if not sooner) when our own country needs it's borders secured and roads rebuilt, housing and infrastructure maintained. Personally I think that there are powers that are working to bring about the end of the United States by keeping us in constant conflict and driving us broke just like what happened to the USSR after their time in Afghanistan.
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• Belgium
24 Oct 11
As you said before, I think Karzai is simply trying to please the audience. I remember reading that this was done on a private Pakistani channel? Something tells me he'd have given a completely different response had this been on an American channel. It wouldn't be the fist time he's done this. And besides, it's not like he gains anything by siding with Pakistan. It's the US, not Pakistan, that is preventing the Taliban from overthrowing him.