Master or PhD as your final destination ?

October 24, 2011 11:35am CST
Recently, I am trying to apply Fall semester graduate program in U.S. However, many people, like me, would be confused to chose Master or PhD as their final destination of education. To be a PhD may have some academic advantage than Master. But being Master is not worst than PhD if the person is going to stay in academic field. It is all about your time and money. What's about your opinion on graduate education ? Do you plant to persuade a graduated degree ?
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@petersum (4522)
• United States
24 Oct 11
I'm an old, obsolete master, so I wont talk about myself! What I have observed is that many people are impressed with the "Doctor" title, until they find out that you are not a medical doctor! It seems that a bachelors degree (MBBS) is more acceptable than a doctorate. You have to decide who you wish to impress - your friends and acquaintances, or your academic colleagues. Much depends on your country and the attitudes of the people. I am not in a position to advise you but I was quite satisfied with the master's degree.
• Taiwan
24 Oct 11
Yer, many people have out too much time to chase a PhD degree. It's a fancy name to be Doctor. However, the really thing is that being PhD would not give you much advantages on business. It depends on your career life or whatsoever. I still not decide yet. After all, I just want to spend my life smartly.
• India
13 May 12
now i am doing post graduation. i think higher degree most important in career.
• China
25 Oct 11
Actually, i am preparing for the entrance exam of postgraduates in my country. To my mind, a higher academic degree is definitely usful in modern society at least in my country.