she's not that bad, is she?

@kaeirole (669)
October 24, 2011 11:53pm CST
i'm not yet a parent..but i don't have plans yet to be a parent either.. i'm writing this as i'm watching my mother take a quick nap on my bed (my computer table is just beside my bed). i know she's very tired. she's working all day in a government school, and she still manage to laundry our whole family's clothes (we are 6 in this family) everyday. and i'm so thankful to have her. though she's not that type of mother whom her daughter/son can open up with. i can still remember when i was little. i wasn't close to her. but she helped me make my projects, guided me with my studies and cooks every week for us. but i don't know what happened to her. she suddenly changed. she thinks more of herself than us. she's somewhat our competitor. she never cook for us anymore. and she keeps on complaining now. she even said that she regret marrying my father because she wasn't expecting a hard life like we are experiencing now. my father works hard also to give our family's needs (works hard as in taking 2-3 jobs -- full time college teacher in 1 university, part time college teacher in another university, and at the same time, self employed to practice his profession as a civil, geodetic engineer).and for me, father's work isn't that easy, because it's not easy to raise 5 children and make them finish college. and he really did his best for us. but how come i feel that my mother isn't contented of what we have? is she that bad? but even though she's like that, i still love her.. who are already parents here in mylot?can you share your side also?i want to know more on the parents side..
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@jaiho2009 (38989)
• Philippines
25 Oct 11
I am sure she never meant what she says. She is just too tired and getting old as well. I am also a mother and a single mom with 3 kids. SOmetimes I do say some words not meant to be due to tiredness and stress,but never mean to say those words and regretted after.
@kaeirole (669)
• Philippines
26 Oct 11
yes..i know..and im trying to understand her the best i could..
@deebomb (15319)
• United States
28 Oct 11
Hello kaeri and welcome to myLot. From what you said you and your sibling are not small children. Just maybe your mom is tired. Maybe you and your siblings should step up and take some of the load off her shoulders and stop taking advantage of her. There are five children and you should be taking care of your own laundry and do the cooking for her. It's time you started thinking of how to make life easier for her and your father. It's time to think of someone besides your self. With five children it shouldn't put any hardship on any of you. Show her that you love her.