Jessie J

@di44ito (496)
October 29, 2011 3:44pm CST
Have ever listend to her songs? Which one you liked the most? And do you like this singer at all? In the begging when i listend to her first song i didn`t like her at all i don`t know why, but it was lioke this and after some time i liked the singer and also the first song that i hated before. My favourites songs are price tag and who`s laughing now. They are realy melodyc and have a good idea (meanning) in them. What`s about you?
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@RobtheRock (2485)
• United States
5 Feb 12
Hi di44ito. I listen to her songs a lot now. I love "Who you are" on her album. She really sings her heart out. I laugh at the beginning for a reason. I've become enamored with her. I first heard her song years ago when she asked to become my MySpace friend (one of my first friends). I was new to social networking then. I went to her page and heard her song, "Sexy Silk" and I liked it and told her. She thanked me and told me about a new song she was writing called "Finders Keepers." Instead, I found two new social networking sites called Facebook and Over the years I thought about the "Sexy Silk" song and went to her page and made a comment with an LOL. Years later (2011), I was watching a movie on and I heard "Sexy Silk" in the movie. I went back to MySpace and then Wiki and found out that Jessie J had hit the big time. This year I see a lot of material on YouTube about Jessie J and decided to look for "Finders Keepers". It is one of my most enjoyable films of her. Sometimes I get the feeling that "Who's Laughing Now" is talking a little about me. I wish I would have stayed communicating with her on MySpace. Well, you live and learn. I think her songs "FastLane" and "5 Down" are going to be huge hits. From my experience, these two songs are Jessie J. They are sexy and soulful and if you don't like r&b, then you might not like them. All I know is that she is awesome talent and rising rapidly. :)
@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
11 Mar 12
It`s great that you kind of known her before she became big in music. In the beginning i don`t know why i didn`t liked her songs and now i just love this songs and i think that every next song is better than the last one.
@stanley777 (7257)
• Philippines
31 Oct 11
I listen to this singer too. I think she is great- her songs have good meaning and she has a terrific voice too. I can't really choose my most favorite, but I like Who's Laughing Now, Nobody's pErfect, Who You Are..I hope she makes more songs.
@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
1 Nov 11
I hope too she is really good. I also like nobody`s perfect.