Why some single mom choose to be a stripper

United States
October 30, 2011 3:09am CST
Maybe it is inappropriate to start such discussion, but I just have to say, won't those single mom be a stripper will bring their children shame if they found out? Last night, it was weekend, my friend and I just hang out in one of the nearest strip club having beers. A dancer sit with us, and we started a conversation. She told us about her kids, and other trivial matters. I thought to myself, why would you think of stripper as a job for you? Maybe it might help make a lot of money, but won't it be such humiliation to your children if they found out? The fact is, some of these girls might come from a broken family, or they are struggling in survival, and they don't have a useful skill in life. That maybe one of the reason they want to be a stripper in the first place.
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• India
20 Dec 11
you are some what correct in this aspect.accroding to me if someone has not got any useful skill then just develop it.and its not at all difficult.its rightly said " success is achieved by doing many small and simple things but not by doing little big and complex things.even the job of stripper requires a great talent like facial expression,presentation,etc (which are also required in high tech jobs these days).even though this job requires hardwork then too its done easily just because it interests us. so according to me coming from a broken family is no way any reason to enter into this field. have a great day dear.
@345042441 (130)
• China
5 Nov 11
Some of them become strippers because they think its easier for them to make more money. I believe some of them really have no other choice and of course it would set a bad example for their children. Hope there are some good opportunities out there for those stripper moms. They shall learn from those who work hard to support their children.
@weasel81 (2496)
• Australia
30 Oct 11
There's nothing wrong with choosing that kind of a career, if she has a baby sitter for the kids and is looking after them right who cares. You have to put food on the table some how, maybe later in life the kids will be able to say my mum was a stripper at this club. A friends brothers ex partner is a stripper, she left her ex and the kids to go do it! that bit is wrong. Here's one then my mother suggested that I became a stripper, cause i was looking at moving up to where my partner was. There's not many jobs up there in my field of work, and I'm not doing an office job. We'd been talking about my friends brother and his ex, and mum suggested it. Some people just need to open their minds.
@blue65packer (11826)
• United States
31 Oct 11
I have heard som single moms do it for the money. If she is good at it she can rack in the money! This is why alot of woman do it. Some woman do enjoy it! On Oprah once she heard there are women do it because it is a fantasy for them or a dream of theirs! I knew a woman who got into it because of a friend. I don't know if she is still doing it but I heard she was bad! She was terrible at it and she had no clue she was! I even heard the strippers,sometimes work as hookers on the side when not dancing! I also think alot of woman do stripping because they don't any other skills! maybe they can't afford college or want to go to college! So instead they do stripping! Hey if a woman wants to do and they like it,they have the right to do it! There will always be men out there to watch them so these woman won't have to worry about losing their jobs!
@swats89 (1729)
• India
30 Oct 11
i think its not a good job because it will affect ur child mentality more. the stripper r more exgagerated. they would sleep with any man if they want. also if the child grows and knows that her mom is stripper then there would be no respect for the mom. so its beter that do some job which will keep ur pride and respet. money can be less but if the woman's dignity is gone, everything is gone. cheers.
@enelym001 (8322)
• Philippines
31 Oct 11
That is actually what they know to keep their kids alive. I guess some of them tried other jobs but got rejected. I don't think it's shameful as long as they have foods to bring for their hungry kids, single mom's and unfortunate people will do anything for their children to survive. If she's my mom, I won't be humiliated. She's working hard and I know this is not something she wants but this is what she knows to do to survive with her kids. I would be humiliated if my mom or dad is a robber or kidnaps people just to get an easy money.
• India
30 Oct 11
I don't think there is anything wrong with this and she has to do something to survive and she is not alone and has the responsibility of a kid. It all depends on the circumstances and it is also possible that she tried to find other job but could not find it. Or maybe she wants to work for the short time and save money and then retire. Being a single mom is a difficult thing and she might not be getting any allowances from the government.