Have you ever use Bulletin Board System before?

October 30, 2011 12:19pm CST
I believe that not many of you have ever heard about Bulletin Board System. Most people would chose to use facebook, MSN or other social programs. Bulletin Board System ? What's that? Never heard that before. However, it's very popular in China, Taiwan and Japan. Each country has their own unique Bulletin Board System. For example, for Japan, they use 2ch Bulletin Board System and for Taiwan, ptt is their main system. The system, well, is actually as same as facebook. However, it only provides word communication. No picture, no video, no album, only words and words. Such system is simple and easily maintained. However, without fancy colors, it may be dull for most people. I have noticed that most Asians would not use facebook, but this system only. I don't why it has such power and is so attractive. Have you ever used Bulletin Board System (BBS) before? What's your feeling? Do you think that this is an old fashion ?
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@echomonster (2226)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
30 Oct 11
BBSes were popular in the US before Internet access was widespread...I used them a lot while growing up. It was great fun talking on forums, chatting in teleconference, downloading, and playing door games. Back then, I used to dial in to BBSes using a modem and phone line. Now I occasionally use BBSes by telnetting to them, but it's hard to find one that's very active. How do people connect to BBSes in Asia...by dialing in or through the Internet? Do any of the active Asian BBSes use English as a primary or second language? I would be interested in visiting one if any do.
• Taiwan
1 Nov 11
http://www2.2ch.net/2ch.html: This one is 2ch bbs web version. The language of this bbs is Japanese, not English telnet://ptt.cc: This one is ptt bbs and you need to use the specific browser to browse, like PCMAN or KKMAN. The language of this bbs is Traditional Chinese, second language is English. But they provide telnet://ptt3.cc for English Speaker. However, ptt is the main BBS. Ptt3 is only a small BBS for foreigners. So, more active users would show up on ptt. And there are several BBSes in China and have been transformed into website forum, like www.tianya.cn/bbs/. However, there is censorship policy in China. They would limit the right of speaking if you post the topic that violates their rules or too sensitive.
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• Greenwood, Mississippi
2 Nov 11
Thanks for the links!
@ebuscat (5935)
• Philippines
31 Oct 11
For me yes so old fashion anyway so wearied to handle that situation for this generation now.