Animal Desecration NOT illegal..

@tessah (6621)
United States
November 2, 2011 8:56am CST
normally i toss a link to the story i happen to be yammering on about.. but this one...? yeah, no. i didnt wanna disturb anyone beyond bounds.. and this is horribly disturbing. (for those of you with a very strong constitution and want to read the actual article.. im sure ya can google it and find it) an oregaon couple.. after shooting their ailing horse.. took photos. not so very disturbing ya say? yeah.. ok.. some folks take pics at funerals for whatever reasons. but these two.. the woman stripped naked and got INSIDE the horses carcass for these photos. im not disturbed by much these days.. but this one *shudders* all smiles covered in blood rolling around inside the body cavity of an animal she sposedly loved that had to be put down just moments before? *shudders again* and none of what these two did is a chargeable offense because the animal was put down due to failing health and illness and not for the purpose of the photoshoot. now.. im not a crazed vegan animal rights advocate.. but i have had to put down a beloved pet in the past for same reasons, and i can tell you what.. i sure as he|| werent all smiles about it! and i didnt disrespect my furry pal by desecrating its remains so twistedly. gotta hand it to em.. they managed to shock and disgust me at a time i didnt think it was even possible to do such anymore. should what they did be charged as a crime? or do you think theyre just a couple of crazy young people expressing themselves harmlessly?
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• Lenox, Georgia
10 Nov 11
I don't know if it's a crime but it sure is disturbing and horrible! I have had pets that have passed away and I could never do something like that. I loved and cared for them. I don't see how they could be smiling and posing for a camera in this manner...Disgusting.
@hvedra (1623)
2 Nov 11
Wow! I suppose the act isn't a crime then there's not a lot the cops can do about it. How did it come to be public? If they made the pictures public THAT could be an offence or if there were witnesses to the act itself then that could also be an offence. Other than that those two need some kind of mental health check. I'm not squeamish but it isn't about blood or gore but about how they have seemingly found enjoyment in it - which is disturbing on so many levels.