For Richer or For Poorer

Sri Lanka
November 20, 2006 12:55pm CST
Rich people, most say, are not happy with their lives. I know money is not everything, but how far is this true?
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@kiiizu (1901)
• Estonia
20 Nov 06
I have noticed that usually wealthy people are saying "money is not everything". It seems to me, very many people are there because of money, and as much I understand, it's a big deal for them, to get 100$ extra a month. That's why money is one of the most discussed topics there. For them money is everything, i.e. they can buy for that money tings, they need for to keep themselves alive, and all other problems/wishes/dreams are important but still secondary. Not to mention these people, who can't afford a computer and connection to Internet... But when someone has a satisfying job, full stomach, warm clothes, his own roof over his head, and all his bills paid (luckily I belong to them, and I thank God for it), then he can say "money is not everything". Actually, I'm glad, I found myLot. To read all this endless discussions about money, about the tricks, how to get more money there etc. reminds me about poverty in the world. And yet, every time I'm complaining, that I can't afford something I'd like to have, I just have to think on all these people and say to myself: "Shame on you!"