Is it just a coincidence or calculated?

@saqi78 (1402)
November 14, 2011 3:26pm CST
Hello Dear MyLotters Today is children day all over the world, I am just wondering about this, Feb 14 is valentine day. 2nd month of the year Nov 14 is childrens' day. 11th month of the year Is it just a coincidence or calculated :P Keep smiling...:)
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@scheng1 (24668)
• Singapore
15 Nov 11
Hi Saqi, it is definitely not Children's day here. I think your country is one of the rare ones which use 14 Nov as children's day. over here, it is the first day of October. Even then, having this particular day is just a national event, not international event. I think many countries do not practice such thing as Children's day.
@saqi78 (1402)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 11
Yeah, it is practised in India only...:) Thanks for the response Keep smiling...:)
@lilaclady (28209)
• Australia
14 Nov 11
Oh my goodness what made you work that out, you must be very observant, I would never have noticed that, I think maybe a coincidence but maybe not, clever you
@saqi78 (1402)
• Malaysia
14 Nov 11
Thanks for the appreciating, I am not a good observer but I read one article about children day today and this thing suddenly comes in ma mind, just wanted to share this with you guys, it seems funny to me but it is either ways, it can be coindidence or can be calculated one Thanks for first very nice response Keep smiling...:)
@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
14 Nov 11
Sorry I never heard about Children's day so it's surely not Children's day all over the world. Who invented this day again? Valentines day also has nothing to do with children's day. Valentine was a munch who gave flowers to the poor on his birthday. Children's day what is the use of that? The only typical children's ccelebration we know is Dec. the 5th, Sint Nicolaas. He gave presents on his birthday to poor kids.
• Indonesia
14 Nov 11
Wow, I think it is coincidence. Because it is not the same children day in each country. And it is not acknowledge widely that there is children day in my country. :)