Do you use an alarm clock?

United States
November 20, 2006 1:50pm CST
Or do you have another way to wake up?
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@Akeela (2079)
• Trinidad And Tobago
20 Nov 06
tricks - tricks
yes but i dont work my husband stops me lol
@Metallion (2228)
• United States
20 Nov 06
I have my alarm clock, but I also have a cat that wants fed breakfast in the morning and a one year old son, so normally one of the two of those wake me up before my alarm clock lol
@leilani47 (780)
• United States
20 Nov 06
alarm clock  - Goofy green alarm clock
Nope. I don't use an alarm clock. My hubby automatically wakes up at 5am to get ready for work .. when he get's up, I get up with him. OR, my 11 month old starts crying ...
@burgoonster (3760)
• Canada
20 Nov 06
No They Don't Wake me Up
@gabs8513 (48708)
• United Kingdom
20 Nov 06
I use an alarm clock but most of the time I wake up before it goes of
@mayammb (1816)
• Australia
20 Nov 06
I don't use an alarm. But my husband uses his cell to set an alarm.
@moneyseeker (1024)
20 Nov 06
Yes I have an alarm clock but I always wake before it goes off. It's possible to train the mind to wake you at the time you want.
@Thewishlady (1046)
• Netherlands
20 Nov 06
I use a clockradio so im always waking up with music. It makes me happy to wake up with music!
@Undefeated (4790)
• Singapore
20 Nov 06
nope coz i know that its useless for me.
@doctorul (1061)
• Romania
20 Nov 06
What for? My alarm is always inside me!