Cash Gopher - I need your inputs

@debshie (392)
November 22, 2011 8:39am CST
Earlier this week, I got an email from mylot recommending this Cash Gopher software. It is actually very tempting but before I install it, I need to have your inputs. Have you installed this? What does it do? I'd be very happy to hear from you guys!
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@champoy186 (1638)
• Philippines
22 Nov 11
I tried it before. I guess this is a slow earner. After I installed it in my computer, my computer became slow. I uninstalled it right away. I will never use this software anymore. It's not worth it in my opinion. Happy mylotting!
• China
22 Nov 11
I download this software but I still don't know how it works and I did find it make my conputer slower.I must uninstall it right away.
• Philippines
23 Nov 11
I don't think it's worth it. I was disappointed that I earned $0.001 in a day. It's hard to earn money for me.
@wulania (1524)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 11
i joined cash gopher few weeks ago but i didt install it. i got informtaion which saya cash gopher may bring viruses to our computer. it also make money slowly and may cause internet connections speed get worse. fortunately i didnt inslal it and i wont do it. i have seen some reviews about it and they said it is legit even slow earning. i think it is fool idea to make pennies by bringing viruses to our computer.
@aeiou78 (3447)
• Malaysia
22 Nov 11
This is an extremely slow earning site. After installing for a year with three referrals, my balance is just around $3.60. Actually, I am thinking to uninstall this program. After considering further, I shall keep it until my payment because I do not want to waste the effort I put in earlier. For you, you can have a trial. It is harmless to you with this program.
• Hungary
22 Nov 11
It's only worth it if you are live in the United States and you leave your computer on 24/7. And you should have several referrals from the US and/or an own server farm. And then you will earn 40-50 USD per month.