Does league of legends have more players than WoW?

@wydtron (302)
November 24, 2011 1:06pm CST
I saw that league of legends have 15 million active players And WoW is not so played now as before so i wonder, does league of legends have more players than WoW?
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@pietro93 (60)
• Italy
24 Nov 11
Never heard of League of Legends. I'm pretty sure World Of Warcraft is more populated though, is with no doubt the most famous MMORPG
@wydtron (302)
• Portugal
25 Nov 11
You never heard of league of legends? Honestly you don't play too many games do you? It's such a famous game right now and free which it makes it even 1000000000 times more awesometacular xP
• Italy
25 Nov 11
Odd enough, since I do play many games and I'm a WoWer.
26 Nov 11
i first heard about LoL about 2 weeks ago. it isn't such a famous game as you think... And it is only for windows. WoW is also for Mac and Linux...
• Bulgaria
16 Jan 13
league of legends has 60 milion registerated accounts until 2012's end .. Its getting bigger and bigger so I think LoL WoW atm
• Philippines
26 Jun 12
currently, the amount of LoL players are increasing and the amount of MMORPG players, like WoW, are depleting due to the MOBA trend that DotA has started, but unlike DotA, LoL is very easy to understand and play.
@lovedude (4453)
• India
24 Nov 11
I agree with above one too. not figure wise but I think WoW should have more players than LOL in world.. :)
24 Nov 11
I dont know the numbers, but i think there are more people playing WoW in the world than League of Legends. (there are private servers for wow too. dont forget it!)