Paypal as a constraint

November 27, 2011 10:22am CST
Hi everyone, We all know that the internet provides opportunities for users to earn residual income (surfing, writing. reading emails, advertising, selling of digital materials and a lot more). Howover, I believe the main constraint remains the fact that most sites pay via paypal. While paypal is available in many countries, in a lot of these countries we are only allowed to upload funds and effect payments and not receive and withdraw funds. Accordingly, many sites do not pay us simply because paypal is not available in our country for witdrawal (mylot is one of them). Therefore, before signing up with many sites, we have to verify whether the only option is paypal and in such a case, we do sign up, loosing an opportunity to earn.I know we also have alertpay, moneybookers and payoneer, but these are not used by many sites. How many of you get the same problem? What are other alternatives you get?
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@topffer (42193)
• France
28 Nov 11
When a country can only send or receive money with a PayPal account, it is more often due to laws in this country than to PayPal. For me PayPal is the best money processor actually, and I prefer it to any other. You are right to advise us that we have first to check the money processors available to cash out when we join a site, in order to be paid.
• Mauritius
28 Nov 11
that;s true. i asked paypal about being unavailable in my country, they were very prompt to reply and said they do really want to expand their market but they also want to comply will all rules and regulations of the country as well. thanks
@aeiou78 (3447)
• Malaysia
27 Nov 11
I do agree to you to check the payment method before we sign up a site. Sometimes, we do need to look into the second option for the available method of payment in case the first option is canceled later. For instance, the microworkers was one of the site which canceled the Paypal payment processor. For me, I shall stop active in that particular site if it cancels my main payment processor. As per what you have mentioned, not all of the payment processor will be acceptable for certain area and no point for me to further my effort without any hope to collect the payment at the end.
• Mauritius
28 Nov 11
you are absolutely right in saying we also have to look for a second payment option as well. Thanks