These girls are respectful or shameful?

United States
November 28, 2011 8:55pm CST
On one of my discussions, I had mentioned about some girls without any earning skill, or facing some sort of difficulties in life, they seek an easy way to become a stripper. People have their own opinion about them, and personally I have encounter one stripper in life, which I deeply compassionate about her experience in life. She was pregnant when she was 16, and she become a stripper when she was 18. She has a boyfriend, maybe not working at all, and depends on her support. I knew that she loves her kid whenever she talk about him. So, she gotta to do what she gotta to do to put a roof on her family. Maybe she wasn't wise on choosing her love, but that is her own personal choice. I personally respect her, and she such a brave woman to against the whole world on her own. I personally respect her. What about your guys?
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@lupeng (82)
• China
30 Nov 11
yeah,i respec her is not easy and comfortable. but i think she could leave her boyfriend early. that's not love . she can go to the town to feed with the pigs or sheep,chicken ,duck to hold own life by herself .she can bring her kids up with the money by her's not necessary to become a stripper .she can do many things to life.and i think her own personal choice was so wrong.i respect her though i can't agree with her.
29 Nov 11
You really have to be a strong woman to do this and have your mind set on what you really want. Focus on the goal you're pursuig. My ex best friend had everything to work anywhere she wanted to but she wanted easy money so she tried being a stripper. I told her I didn't like it but I would support her. The enveriment it's very bad. She wanted to do it to pay for colleges herself. And once she started working as a stripper she became a stuck up careless person so we stopped being friends. Eventually she caught an STD from doing more than stripping. You get offered to do more than stripping with time and the money is tempting. If I really had to do it I would walk in do the stripping and go straight home. You have to be strong minded, keep in mind why you're doing it.
@aeiou78 (3445)
• Malaysia
29 Nov 11
All of this is about the morality and the self-respect. At certain countries, stripper is legal. At my place, it is illegal because our culture does not allow it. Someone wants to strip because of supporting her family will be an excuse for her to earn easy money. There are many other jobs available and it is not necessary for them to be strippers. When you earn more, you will spend more. May be this is the actual reason they want to life in that way.
• United States
29 Nov 11
It's not for me to judge what someone else does for a living. I'm sure she didn't grow up aspiring to become a stripper. It might be something she tried and made good money at.. and as long as she has the looks and talent for it, why not? If she has a kid to support, then I commend her for doing something besides laying back and doing nothing. I wouldn't want my daughter doing this.. but some women do this to put themselves through college. Many lawyers started out as strippers. It's good money... asking "do you want fries with that" doens't provide the money that stripping can give. It's not up to me to judge any woman or person for what they do.
@deliar (609)
• Indonesia
29 Nov 11
oh, that really a brave women i think, and she is strong, she want to face this world by herself, and he take care her kid alone, and i respect her too. the only mistake that she has done in my view is she live in a stripper life, that is not good job and it will give a bad impact to her kid,maybe she could stop from this job for a better future. and i think, her family should give a suggestion to her for stopping from that job and supporting her for looking a new job. hopefully everything gonna be better.
@Aja103654 (5646)
• Philippines
29 Nov 11
they are okay to me. they have been through difficulties and this is the best and fastest way they could get money and cope. it's sad though. if the boyfriend is not working, he should be kicked out. i don't care how good a person he is or how cute or whatever, he's an additional burden if you ask me. the woman already has to take care of her child and there is this useless boyfriend relying on her as well. if he doesn't have a job, let him find some. if he has a job, then that would be great, she would need the help and support of a husband to be.