Unfaithful Husbands, 'til their old age- have an excuse?

December 1, 2011 8:32pm CST
I noticed in the community that there are some married men who cheated on their wives for a couple of times. Also, these men tend to have no guilt over what they did and have no insight on the effects on their lives and their family. Furthermore, husbands of this kind continue to be unfaithful until they became old. What is this, an incurable disease? In addition, most of men who cheated with wives have fathers who did the same. It is somewhat passed on from generation to generation. I may be wrong with my opinion but can anyone tell me why is it like that?
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@jugsjugs (12967)
23 Dec 12
I feel that there are loads of married men, as well as married women that cheat and there are no good reasons or excuses for them to cheat either. I feel that if a person has cheated once and a person has forgiven them, then they will always end up cheating again and again no matter what the reason they give. Once a cheater always a cheater in my book.
@jadoixa (1166)
• Philippines
3 Dec 11
some men are really like that or it could be that they are suffering from some kind of a disorder..i am also a victim of such kind of man..this man has been like this since he was young and until now at his old age still keeps on doing the same thing..i gave him a chance..thought that he has changed and learned from all his mistakes and affairs with women in his younger days..but to my disappointment he is still doing the same thing and nowadays he goes for young aged women,,,he never thinks and cares about his family when he does this kind of thing..so his marriages have been broken and relationships ended up in separation..this is really a disease of him..and i think as long his alive this will continue and keep on happening for him..his father was also like that..he has other half brothers and sisters from his father..because his father was into most women back in the day..
@mhayfie (241)
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
Yes, you might be right with you judgement but we should always give the benefit of the doubt to those men who have been acting like this. Yes, it might be that they think that it is alright to do it over and over again because it is what their parents have done in the future or they don't receive any reaction coming from their wife. Husbands who have been doing this might also have psychological or physiological problems. We could say that maybe a this is already part of their norms, that he might think that it is okay.While physiological would say that maybe having a lot of girls would mean confidence. He is proving that he is physically beautiful. Anyway, whatever reasons that lies with making it a habit until the old age is already immoral and too much. Thanks, happy mylotting!
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
Hello nameeangel, I do believe that being a cheater can be passed on from generation to generation until someone from the family decided to put an end to it. As a kid, if he saw his father cheating his mother, he can be hurtful and he can get mad at his father, but in the end he end up like his because that was the example given to him. Experience is a good teacher. But if that kid, decided that he will not be like his father when he grow up and he do something about it then it would be stop. Being a cheater is still a personal decision. If he loves and respect his partner he would never do it. And as a wife, she can also do something about what's going on. If she already know that her husband cheated on him, then she should put an end to it. either, get separated at him or talk to him that she would not tolerate something like that. a person will be cheated on repeatedly only if she allows it. That's my opinion and have fun mylotting!
@ShyBear88 (59204)
• Sterling, Virginia
2 Dec 11
Well it's not a disease and not genetic either what people see as a child thu do when they get older. Its not just men it's women too. People cheat because people let other people get sway with it like it's nothing bit a ticket. Me if my husband cheat it's game over your out of the house and the sane goes for me as well.
2 Dec 11
men just do not like being bounded, while women just are pleasure to confine their boyfriends or huabands ,although they don't think it is a kind of restraint.the main reason is the difference between men and women.women always hope their partners could spend much more time with them,but men don't ,men need time and room of their own.curruently,weekend-couples are very popular.if couples really trust each other,these problems you have stated will be on the decrease.