Trying new recipes

December 4, 2011 3:21am CST
Yesterday was Saturday and it’s my husband’s rest day. It means the three of us, (me, my husband and son) are all at home and we just took a rest. So, I decided to cook something new. Though it’s a common dish already but its new for me since I don’t cook that food. I cooked Pancit Canton yesterday (not the instant one), it’s a Chinese food but very popular for the Filipinos also. Its my first time cooking it and I just researched for some recipes, I just read and take note of the ingredients and just did it on my own. I am glad that my husband and son liked it. How about you, do you like trying new recipes?
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
27 Dec 11
I'm not into cooking but i'm always interested in new cook that seems delicious to me.. haha :D I've copied quite a few from cooking programs but i've yet to try them as i dun have the right ingredients for them.. lol I will never ask my mom to try those recipes because what i like to eat is different from what she wants to do with it.. haha I'm still waiting for the right chance and time to try out when nobody's home.. haha
@fantabulus (4000)
• India
10 Dec 11
I also always try new recipes because my MIL like it and our all family members also like it. But now due to timing problem it is hard and only once in week I made something new dishes.
@marguicha (218505)
• Chile
7 Dec 11
I love to try new recipes, but usually I read several recipes and finally make my own version of it depending on what I have in the fridge and pantry. Next week I´m having a friend for lunch and I will make a suffed chicken with lots of salads. As it´s Summer (or almost) here, I will have a dessert of the apricots from my own tree.
@SIMPLYD (90722)
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
I like trying new recipes, that are not too complicated and entails a lot of ingredients. Sometimes, i would choose a recipe ahead of time, so i can but some ingredients , not available at our house. Usually i would try it in a small quantity , where one eating would suffice. That way, if it is not delicious, at least i didn't spend so much for it.
@shanemae (1025)
• Philippines
8 Dec 11
hi Amethyst! yeah, i know that recipe. i love cooking that dish because my mom likes my flavor for it. my pancit canton is a bit sweet. i like trying new recipes to give out my people a new bomb in their taste buds. i like it more when they appreciate my works by eating a lot because they love the taste of it.
• Australia
5 Dec 11
Me too! although it is just recently that I have been searching and downloading recipes from the internet. I grew up not knowing how to cook, hated helping out in the kitchen, but I loved eating! hahaha...when my sisters and my mom bake a cake, i never did last in the kitchen, I just waited for them to finish. But lately, I have enjoyed experimenting. and thank god for the internet, I can just search for whatever I want. I am excited to try food from different cultures. My project is to buy kitchen stuff like food processor, blender, just anything for the kitchen LOL
@se7enthbird (8307)
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
me and you have the same number of family har har har. three. me my wife and my son. but now i am abroad so i miss them terribly. my wife is an adventurous lady specially when it comes to food. so fa r she had a lot of trying recipes and me and my son enjoyed it all. but my favorite is when she made some fruit tarts and fruit pizza. the fruit pizza she used fita the one they use for shawarma. she top it with fruits and brown sugar and a lot more than i can not remember . sorry i am not into cooking... i can not beat my wife with that. and the fruit tarts she made it out from wanton wrappers and put it on cup cake pans. it does taste good and fresh. it is good with ice cream too. this discussion made me miss them more
@Lhenni (1242)
• Philippines
4 Dec 11
Oh yes! I always search new recipe on the web and do watched cooking show in tv. My husband is a food-lover, and I really wanted to please his tastebud every now and then :) I remember one time, when we lunched out in Tootsie's resto in Tagaytay with family. I first saw this menu on them, a "pansit buko" as they called it. I ordered one, and also this not so ordinary "bulalo" that tastes sinigang with langka as the only veggie on it. The waiter said it was derived from Bacolod's "pang-asim", I forgot the name. It tastes yummy too. Well, the pansit buko was placed in a "buko-shell" itself with striped buko on top. It's a common pansit canton but had added twist of buko. I really, really love the delightful taste, also hubby but not my kids. Maybe the kids tongue were not yet ready to enjoy other foods except their fave... chicken, chicken and fried chicken *LOL I had also watched in tv, cooking a "pansit buko" with only the buko and no pansit canton added. I tried cooking it last New year. My in-laws shocked that there's a recipe like that. Well, they liked it :)... and I am happy they did. Now, I'm thinking a new recipe to cook on new year again. I just hope, like I did last year, they will like it too! Happy cooking red!
• Indonesia
4 Dec 11
Yes I like to try new recipes on my weekend, especially my favorite dishes, anything with chilli and taste hot. I tend to always follow the recipe and taste the dish first, after that I'll make a decision whether the recipe needs a change or not. Happy cooking .
• Philippines
4 Dec 11
Hi red_amethyst! Very impressive.Try to cook palabok too. I hope you could cook that because that's my favorite. I would love to order from you if that's your busines. It's fun to experiment recipes. Hope you create a magic recipe that will help you establish a business like Chen Jin or Zen Chu from "My Binondo Girl" show in ABS-CBN.
• Philippines
4 Dec 11
Hello there red_amethyst! That's great that you cooked something new! I also love to try new recipes. There was a time that I am sick and tired of eating the same dish thrice a week, so I've decided to cook something that is new to me. I've been curious on how to cook Sweet and Sour, So I asked my mother and I was really amazed that the ingredients are just easy to gather and the dish is easy to prepare as well. I think I'm gonna try new recipes again!
@tamirs (1807)
• Philippines
4 Dec 11
Wow,That is my favorite.Noodles and pasta are my favorite food Red.I am so happy to know that you are trying new sunday try cooking Pansit luglog.That surely will bring your family a very good sunday.. Ia always try to cook different menu most especially pasta sauce and viand.I know some dishes but new once are always appealing to our eyes.. :-D