ALLEGORY: I realized something

November 20, 2006 3:47pm CST
Walking…seeing the bright sky…can’t help but notice how the colors blue and yellow mix up as the sun’s character comes to an end for the day. I continue on walking barefoot. Walking…walking…on the shore lies a shell. Danger aside, I decide to touch it. My pointing finger bleeds as it touches the shell’s surface. It has stings, I didn’t know. They say the sea is a good place to soak one’s wounds. I did it to my wound. Washing my wound… I continue on walking… Walking…walking... Suddenly I get a pat on the back. Oh, it’s one of my new friends. He’s an encouragement as everyone else is. One by one new friends keep coming, sharing their own stories. I listen. Sometimes I talk. We share each other’s time. Now it’s time to walk on my own again. They have their paths to take too. We have our own paths from time to time. I see another piece. Shell? I doubt. It’s a sea urchin. Its stings are obvious. But I heard it’s delicious. I don’t know how to get the meat out. Despite all these, I am still getting it. Few minutes have gone, I failed. Now it’s another wound. So I head off to the sea again and wash it. Oh, I shouldn’t have tried to get the meat out since I was full. But I still did it, they say it’s delicious. I continue on walking. Walking…walking… After acquiring two wounds, it’s amazing how their theory proved to be right. It got healed with the sea water. Writing…writing… I realized that God’s love is as wide as the sea. It’s always there right in front of our very eyes waiting to be acknowledged like the sea water which is just right there waiting for anyone to use it for their wounds. And yes, we run to God for our wounds to be healed. And He’s always there. We go on walking with Jesus Christ. It’s always good to walk with Him along with people who are dear to you. But when they have to take their own paths for the meantime (i.e. going home for the night), we suddenly find ourselves struggling from little to major ones. At one time, we unconsciously find ourselves wounding. But God heals it. There are times that even if we know such situation is leading to something awful we still take it. So we find ourselves wounding from a circumstance we could have surpassed by God’s grace. We play with fire; that’s the thing. This is the thing! It’s difficult to stop playing with the fire. Mama always said back then not to play with fire. But we always like it. We always like the feeling of not getting into trouble after escaping its danger. But danger isn’t just the result of facing the risk. Danger is the risk itself (I speak for myself). So playing with fire itself isn’t good. It’s bad. It’s sinful. The allegory of a walking man in the seashore. This is how I call it. I’m lead to tears. Perhaps this is guilt. The guilt of playing with fire before, of not being able to stop it right there and then even before it sucks you into its corrupt system. But the amazing thing is, the sea is wide. It never ceases to expand its horizon. It’s never-ending. And God’s love is always like that. The great thing is that everything turns anew. No flashy ending statements here. Just that.
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20 Nov 06
ah nice, very nice..