Watching TV shows live!

December 4, 2011 8:43pm CST
My question is quite simple, have you watched TV shows live, like you went to their studios, waited in line so you can have a seat on the live audience. Especially, if the show is having a special show like grand finals, or Christmas special or Anniversary special. Especially like Will Time Big Time, wherein they have the show at Araneta Coliseum. What is it like to be in the live audience? Care to share your stories or maybe stories of someone you know if you haven’t experience it yourself.
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@SIMPLYD (90738)
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
Oh yes, i remembered having a live ASAP show at Bacolod. My cousin and i went to an open area by the sea where it was being held. When we arrived it was already starting. There, i saw Zsa Zsa, Pops, Bong Navarro among other stare. Pops looks more beautiful in person and so with Zsa Zsa and Bong. It's nice to have watched a live show , because you get to see the stars in person and gets to compare how they look in TV.
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
27 Dec 11
I dun have time to to do that and i won't do that because there's no fun. There are lots of waiting, lots of time wasted and whatever we saw in the studio stays in the studio.. haha :D What makes it worse are those live shows with results and winners, where audience are to abide the rules of not announcing it To me, that's more like pressure than pleasure to be in there.. haha :D I rather stay home, sit comfortably or lie on my bed watching them.
@eljayo (1105)
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
Hi! Wow good for you. I would really want to do this however I cannot by this time. I hope someday I would be able to experience this.
@fantabulus (4000)
• India
10 Dec 11
I not like live shows like Rakha ka Swayamber, Bigg boss all are danger and hopeless how can board gives the permission for these type of shows I dont know. But some live show are good.
@shanemae (1025)
• Philippines
8 Dec 11
yes, i have experienced to be a live audience hmm.. i think 9 years ago if i am not mistaken.. it was Magandang tanghali bayan show. they held it in one of the beaches in our place so we came there. there were a lot of people we meet in our way riding in their respective cars. we brought with us our lunch since my mom though it would be a long travel since a lot will be coming and good thing we got that with us. it's fun to be in the live audience although we got ourselves soaking wet since we rush to the sea to have a closer look of the artist we like. after the show we got the chance to have a handshake with them. it was indeed fun experience.
@Missy333 (57)
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
i've never watched TV shows live yet. i think it would be fun but annoying. Fun, because you will enjoy watching your favorite artists performing on stage. Annoying, because there will be a lot of people watching, and it might be difficult to pass. hahahah but i really want to watch SHOWTIME live. i love all their hosts, because they are all entertaining, funny, and cool. hihihihi
@Hatley (163802)
• Garden Grove, California
5 Dec 11
hi red amethyst NO I wish I had had a chance to but I ha ve never been in a position to watch a television show being filmed. that would be really fun to do.SO I cannot say I have had the privilege of doing this. I am sure others will post about their experiences here though.
• Indonesia
5 Dec 11
I have never watched TV shows like any one of those you've mentioned. I just watched TV shows on television. I would love to present TV shows directly live from the audience seat. It's my dream not only watching TV shows but also playing on the stage which will be viewed by million of people in TV. That would be nice to be on the stage, wouldn't it ?
@Lhenni (1242)
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
I had a change to watch Eat Bulaga live. That was 3 or 4 years ago, we're more than 50 pieces (person... 'just borrowed Eat Bulaga's way of saying pesos!.. remember wally and jose counting money?!) ... we're all officemates. And it's such a wacky feeling to be there live! A "Dabarkads" feeling to the 10th power! The mood there was really ecstatic! We just dance in our sit all of the time being there! Very lively! Their theme song that time is "itaktak mo"... a good experience! Ampogi (handsome) ni bosing *lol.. Sexbomb girls were really a bomb that moment! An experience to remembered with my long lost office-friends!