best place to downlaod movies of high quality and very low in Size...

December 6, 2011 11:09pm CST
hey friends can someone tell me any website where i can download movies of high quality or somewhat low in quality but low in size...actually i am fed up with these torrents sites as my internet package is very low i get only 4 gb of surfing and downloading data per month, actually i am planning to update that package to more than that but i will have to go with it for few months and i am also having an interest of watching new movies so can someone please tell me the best of the best websites where i can download free movies of very low in size......
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• Philippines
9 Dec 11
I think your problem is not the site which gives low size movies but its actually on choosing what type of movie file that has low size. Lets talk about quality first. Now,we have different types of rip from our movies. The best movie quality you can get is BRrip (blue ray copy). It also has the same quality as HDrip (high def). Lower quality than the two mentioned is DVDrip (DVD copy). Lower than that is DVDR5 or just R5 copy but I don't recommend this one since this has good video quality but bad audio. Lower than R5 is already camera recorded movies, so they are just bad. As for the file size, it differs on how the movie is formatted. Formats like mkv, avi and mp4 are the most common. Of the 3, mkv has the lowest size, followed by mp4, then avi. The best choice would be brrip.mkv file and if you want medium quality, go for dvdrip.mkv. All torrent and non-torrent sites offers these things that I've mentioned. So it's up to you to choose what movie fits you. Hope this helps.
• India
9 Dec 11
thanks that really helped. actually i really wanted to know about what quality is the best and most cheapest in size concerns.........thanks friend......