Some Extra cash would come in handy

December 8, 2011 6:53am CST
Any one feel they need some extra cash especially to handle all the demands and needs that come with the season? I know am not alone on this one. What solution do you propose we embark on to tackle the situation at hand?
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@Aja103654 (5646)
• Philippines
9 Dec 11
I think everyone feels that way nowadays. one good solution that is easy and available for everyone to try is online earning.
@Iemon1 (123)
• Singapore
9 Dec 11
Hello Ben2kei, In my opinion, I feel that money is never enough. I feel that dealing with situations like this have no definite answer. Well for me, I just continue what I was doing which earned me cash. As you reap what you sow. I hope I helped you. Regards, Iemon1
@marguicha (212900)
• Chile
9 Dec 11
I get some money working online, but it takes time so reach payment. It is difficult to earn extra money these days. Some people earn some by working part time at stores that sell Christmas gifts or at supermarkets at this time. In my country, tese jobs are usually taken by young people.
@boyuancy (1708)
• India
8 Dec 11
Yes, everyone needs money. I am a student and I need money for all kinds of stuff, from my fees to buying clothes and stuff. One of the best methods I found out was working online. Keep working and don't lose hope. It is a slow starter but you will get to know more methods as you gather more experience. For more info, check out my profile and navigate to my blog. Hope it helps. Happy lotting.
• Philippines
8 Dec 11
You are right in saying that you aren't alone on this one. Since Christmas is fast approaching, most people (if not all) are looking for ways to earn extra. If you want to work with convenience and ease, you may apply for any online home based job. Hope this helps!
@squallming (1775)
• Malaysia
8 Dec 11
The situation is to grand to be tackled. The only proposal I can come up with is being a good and loyal mylotters XD Actually, if you want to make extra money for the season, go and search for a job out there. You can also make some from mylot. Besides that I can't think of something else that can really make you much.
@nezavisima (7408)
• Bulgaria
8 Dec 11
each of us needs additional and more money. I think we just need to get on with some work. I wish I can have more money because to me it takes me. I hope to earn them. Success to you! nice day!