My Cat Keeps Getting Really fat!!

United States
December 10, 2011 2:55pm CST
My cat keeps getting fat during winter i mean he gets huge and all he eats is regular cat food three times a day and he runs around outside and gets plenty of exercise. i was wodering what could be causing this? and how can i help him?
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@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
10 Dec 11
My Stumpy - my cat Stumpy, in my bedroom , Melbourne australia
my cat eats a lot as well, always wanting food so I cut down the portions of food I give her, just a littlem bit at one time, I don't cut it back to one meal a day as some people say I should be giving her because I think food is probably all she has to look forward to.
• Philippines
11 Dec 11
Hello lilaclady, Your cat is very lovely Can you please tell me how to add a picture on a response? Thank you
@xxll2012 (14)
• China
11 Dec 11
When I see a cat, the first impress is thin. You cat is so different, maybe he has a happiest life in the world of cats.
@Xansus (946)
• Bulgaria
10 Dec 11
Well since i'm new with cats and my cat was gift from my friend that have lots of them . He simply explained it that they gain a lot of fat during winter and thats only natural as i see it too . If you are new with cats you might mistake it for something else , but anyway male cats are a lot more lazy and just eating so it might really get fat without this :D
• Philippines
11 Dec 11
Hello Invisible_Me (or You) Cats are cute but I am not allowed to go near one because of my asthma. But I love them because they seem to be so cuddly. Since I know nothing about cat, I wonder why you are minding it if your cat is getting fat. Fat cats are cute. Is there any health problems when cats get fat? Good day!