which influences you in your stand

December 10, 2011 9:28pm CST
it's really a big issue here in australia as conservatives are still fighting against it. i remember having relatives or even g*y neighbours struggling to be accepted, and being ridiculed. australia being an open society still have some conservatism. i wonder what people from difference cultures think about it. and what influences their stand, if culture, where you're brought up, family upbringing, environment, or religion plays the major role in your stand. which is it for you? remember there is no right or wrong answer, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. no one can say "i am right and you are wrong" coz each of us has different influences.
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@djbtol (5493)
• United States
11 Dec 11
You did not make very clear what it is you are talking about. Assuming you are talking about acceptance of gays. I say forget it. They are a small percentage of the population that arrogantly think they can push their views on everyone else.
@devi53 (347)
• India
11 Dec 11
my opinion is that all are human beings why people think about the country or caste or creed why can't we think all are god's favorite and love each other and enjoy the present life, we have life only for one time just enjoy and make others be happy without fighting.
@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
11 Dec 11
I don't believe in god since that and the bible all doesn't make sense. Love your neighbour like yourself? The church is the biggest corrupt, killing group around and I also can't stand people who are too lazy to work themselves and blame god for everything or phraise him if it's their own credit of hard work. Or worser: that never ending blah blah about praying for help (and the never ending complaining at the same time). It's clear to me that most people are not able to love. Christians at the first place (plus other believes). If they love at all it's only what they recognize or what is exactly the same as they are. They talk a lot about it but don't practise it. It's also hard for me to understand why people bother to make the life of others so miserable. What on earth make you think you have the right to point (and gossip) about others? And why do you care if someone is gay? The lack of being able to think for yourself, to invest if something is true, to be active, just believing what someone is telling you (no matter if this is the pastor or your parents or the eldest of the village or prime minister) is something I will never understand. Perhaps it's easy to say for me since I don't care about people and I am not willing to waste my time to make their life miserable? Or perhaps I am lucky I find so many things interesting and I am always looking for answers no matter what kind of?