A walk to remember movie?? Tell me about thie movie?

December 13, 2011 10:52pm CST
For me it is the best love story of a True Love. A love that the two people in love to each other. The sickness of a Girl is to a stand in a way that love is always them. The True love of the story is most likely most. I hope you can watch this movie again. And I am sure it is a very love story movie.
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@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
26 Jul 12
I 100% totally absolutely positively agree with you. There could not have been a better love film then A walk to remember. A lot of people say The Notebook is better but i don't think so. The notebook...is less loving in a way. I mean seriously...who in the world would marry a person that is dying of cancer at such a young age and never remarry ever again for the rest of his life ?! i think since this film is based on a true story, whoever that Landon is...he deserves a big applaud....
@jhen_jkc (105)
• Philippines
2 Feb 12
I really love this movie, this is the only movie I watched several times, but still it always make me cry, very touching movie my no.1 favorite love story, I love all the characters and they are all very good actors and actresses specially mandy moore very talented.
@zearah (5381)
• Philippines
14 Dec 11
I had seen that movie once.I was still in college that time.My friend Almalyn bought the tape and we played it on DVD.The tape was not good so the voice was not clear but I felt that the movie is good as I read the summary written on the package.As I read your post, I can remember my friend Almalyn, now she will be happy with her husband to be.I don't know how they met but I can sense that they are both in love.
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
14 Dec 11
I love this movie! I believe we can belong to just one person forever, it doesn't matter what happens. This movie was way more beautiful than titanic. I also believe there are pure and inocent girls as her in real life.
@rencarl (620)
• Philippines
14 Dec 11
hello there.it is a nice movie indeed.i watched it 5 months ago.but i want to share a movie to you too.try watching The Notebook.it has a nice love story too.it tells of a man who never surrendered showing love to his wife despite the limitations of illness.
@emilytd18 (114)
• Philippines
14 Dec 11
hi! This movie is one of my favorites!! Just loved the story and it is surely one of the best novels that Nicholas Sparks has ever done! It had a sad but happy ending at the same time. Just like what Jamie said "Love is like a wind, you can't see it but you can feel it."