overnight dough

December 17, 2011 11:14am CST
Hi there, through my previous discussions you might have noticed I am a great fan of bread. I tried bake some myself using instant dry yeast. But I would also like to have hot bread soon after I wake up and I hate the breadmaker machine. Is it possible to make the dough on the eve and let it rest overnight, say for 8 to 10 hours, and then make bake them in the morning? Will my bread be eatable?
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• Philippines
18 Dec 11
yeap, its possible. just make sure you have slow reacting yeast... do the math, after 8-10 hr; WALLA! your bread is much more delicious than fast fermented breads
@coffeebreak (17799)
• United States
18 Dec 11
Good idea! I don't know about keeping the dough over night without baking it...squidoo it and you'll probably find the answer...but I'd say when you do...if you put it in pans to rise over night...use small loaf pans and then you can just bake one little loaf (little as in about 4-5 inches long..I have some and used to bake bread in them!) that way you you have just enough for one meal...maybe freeze the rest of bake it and then freeze it and just thaw it in fridge over night and then warm it up in the morning. Share how you figure it out and how it works...I'd be interested in hearing and even doing it myself!
@matersfish (6306)
• United States
17 Dec 11
This is how a lot of people make bread in the first place. Say that you're using 1 cup of water and 2 cups of flour to make a dough. Instead of adding the whole 2 cups of flour, you'll mix your water, yeast, salt, 1 cup of flour and other ingredients, mix it up well, wrap it up well, and set it in the fridge overnight. This allows the gluten and the flavors to develop. In the morning, put the mixture on the counter, allow it to come to room temp, mix in the remaining cup of flour, knead it, let it rise, and then punch it down, rest it, form it, proof it again, bake it. Doing the whole dough in the fridge would work too, I imagine. You will just need to let the yeast come back to life first. Put it in a warm place for a little while.