November 20, 2006 5:46pm CST
Unusual for a confectionery, chewing gum has some health benefits; sugar-free chewing gum stimulates saliva production, and helps to neutralize the effect of acids that follow meals. Sugared gum has been shown to increase tooth decay when used regularly. Chewing gum has also been identified with improving memory according to various studies. Also, it is known that gum-chewers scored 25% higher than the control group on immediate word recall tests, and 36% higher on delayed word recall tests. Scientists point to three, non-mutually exclusive reasons, the simplest of which attributes the higher scores to the gum-chewers' increased heart rate (and, by extension, increased blood flow to the brain). [1] Despite this, chewing gum is banned in many schools. The chewing process expends approximately 12 calories per hour (14 watts) and chewing gum when travelling on an aircraft can counteract the irritation caused by changes in air pressure. [2] Gum containing the sugar alcohol xylitol can help counteract tooth decay. Minty chewing gum can help clear nasal passages. Some oral surgeons and orthodontists believe chewing gum can lead to problems with the tempromandibular joint, and recommend people not chew gum if they experience headaches, muscle fatigue, or pain in their jaw after doing so.
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@hdbueg (611)
• United States
21 Nov 06
I would say so. It helps you burn calories in between meals.
• India
21 Nov 06
but my friend is suffering from cancer due to it....................
• India
29 Nov 06
BUBBLEGUM has so many works still i don't know thanks for ur useful information .
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
21 Nov 06
chewing gum - smiley chewing gum
I tend to always get hungry when I chew gum and someone pointed out to me that when you chew it sets off more saliva and at the same time your stomach or a part of gets set to accept food so as it was put to me when one chews gum it is in actual fact setting the stomach up for food and it doesn't get any so you then feel hungry..sounds logical to me.