Everyone in this world is important

@advokatku (4033)
December 18, 2011 8:32pm CST
Everyone in this world is important because everyone has a role for yourself, either directly or indirectly. Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart. You can not make a summary before you read the book until completion. A wise man speaks "The most important thing is not "WHO ARE YOU" but "WHAT HAS YOU DO and 'WHAT HAS YOU GIVE TO OTHER PERSON"
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@nangisha (3496)
• Indonesia
20 Dec 11
Yeah I think we all had purpose in this world, if not why we all created by Him and present here. I simply God will not made something without purpose. I believe our life its like circle and every one in this world made our circle full. I admit or not every thing I use or eat is result of someone else work, someone I barely know but they useful for me.
@BLTLife (337)
• United States
19 Dec 11
We are only important 'cos we give ourselves importance as a whole as humans. On a universal scale we are the opposite. We are very very verrrrrrry unimportant. As of now.
@mensab (4200)
• Philippines
19 Dec 11
yes, everyone is important in this world. but some are more important than others. open your eyes, and you'll see that everyone is important, but others are more important. it is because of what they have done and what they have given, as you said. the good news is that we can also be more important than others.
• Philippines
19 Dec 11
Correct! :) So we should do our "part" in this world! :)