@tessah (6617)
United States
December 22, 2011 8:33am CST
any woman who has given birth knows the agony of labor.. unless yer one of the minute few that gets a tiny cramp and hey look! a baby! the entire process is mind bending. with, of course, the greatest reward at the end of it all.. hearing that first shrill shreak as yer baby screams their first breath in this world. now imagine.. yer doing this.. while shackled. im not an illegal supporter by any means.. but this common practice sickened me. should this practice be banned? or do you agree that these women could be "faking labor as an escape attempt??
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@hvedra (1619)
22 Dec 11
Surely once the doctor or midwife has determined the woman is in labour she could then be unshackled? If she is given an epidural she'd have some trouble trying to escape anyway. I don't think it is necessary for all except the most violent of prisoners - who might be a danger to medical staff or the baby - so other than that as long as the guards are present I don't see any reason to shackle.
@super80 (19)
2 Jan 12
more honest for the common good ....!!!
@Hatley (163803)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Dec 11
hi tessah it is barbaric but so is the whole illegal aliens sneaking here illegally , taking up jobs while legal Americans are unemployed getting far more help then born here people can get. In the first place and breaking laws after laws did not help endear her to the police and the sneaking in is also barbaric.. For me I wish they would round then all up and bus them back to Mexico. th3y did not come here cause they like our country no no no,. they will not even try to learn English they came here because we pay better than the employers in Mexico do. let Mexico take care of its own people then she would not have been here pregnant and abused by the officers.