are you a habitual procrastinator?

December 23, 2011 7:02pm CST
this is one annoying fact about me, it is so hard to control. sometimes i get successful but generally i really procrastinate. i vow to stop it next year and i hope to be successful. do you procrastinate?
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@megamatt (14292)
• United States
26 Dec 11
There are a lot of times where I really am going to try my best not to procrastinate but there are going to be many times where I am going to slowly fall right into some really bad and wicked habits. There are just going to be times where I tend to do any number of things that I really shouldn't be doing, in an attempt to delay a lot of things. I obviously do not mean to do these things, but there are times where I am going to delay some things. I think that I have really be working rather well to really cut back on these things. But I do admit that I am going to really have some moments of weakness that are going to really cause me to be delayed. Hopefully this will be something that continues to decrease in time.
@lampar (7584)
• United States
24 Dec 11
I am a habitual proscrastinator, i need to change and do better next year, i am not going to be a loser forever, and i want to be as successful as you. I want to stop my Procrostination, so that i can become sucessful and get thing done in time, this bad habit had been dragging my sucess in life for too long, i need to overcome it in the coming year, i hope i can be sucessful in this new year resolution, let's hope and pray for me that i can stop it.