How far would you give for you true love?

December 28, 2011 1:42am CST
Some of know somehow if we have met our true love already. If we're with them already or not. What if you have to make an important decision for him/her? Would you follow your heart or think about everything. your life,family,kids if you have,etc. Would you change your religion or belief for him/her just to be able for you to be together? how far and how much could you give him/her?
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@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
hi, if that is my real true love why not,of course i will give all i can just for that person,as long as i will earn for that decision too,its really hard to decide especially if the family,friends and career is included.
@GbSb19 (26)
• Philippines
29 Dec 11
I would rather use my mind for the big decisions and will weigh what is the most important in life. Life, Family and kids are the most important one rather than money and if we could make time for all of them, why not? It's all lies in the system and management.
@nezavisima (7408)
• Bulgaria
28 Dec 11
this is a very interesting discussion. I think it means when a man loves a real and strong and know that just as much love it. he would have everything done within that love. as I have already found their love and their dreams and I was ready for anything. I did that I ran away from home for him but I do not regret it because I found happiness and I would do anything for him. for this and all your questions in the discussion I would say to you do if you truly love. success. nice day!
@ajagogo (153)
• Philippines
28 Dec 11
I already fall in love,a complicated love.Wrong in all eyes but I don't care. I feel happy when we are together and it feels good and right even though we know,no one will understand. We both know that our relationship is wrong but still we continue it for 5 years. But we eventually decided to go on straight,the saddest part.