Sports You Hate

December 28, 2011 7:10am CST
There are many sports available where in you can engage into. There are indoor sports, there are also outdoor sports. I found many sports as enjoyable hence, I found also some sports which were boring. The sports I hate is golf. I do not like it because it seemed so hard to play. It needs so much expertise in order to win that particular kind of sports. My dear friends and fellow mylotters, what are the sports you hate? Why do you say so?
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@sanuanu (11235)
• India
2 Jan 12
Sports I hate are : Rugby and squash. Rugby because no matter how many times I tried to understand, I failed. I mean whats the point of watching a game when you don't know the rules, isn't it? Squash, I just don't like this game. For me it is way too complicated.
@dorannmwin (36393)
• United States
30 Dec 11
The only game that I can think of that I really don't like is the game of lacrosse. I think that the reason that I don't like it is because of the fact that it isn't something that I understand. In addition to that, it wasn't a sport that was common in our area when I was a child so it wasn't a sport that I ever had any kind of access to as a child. The first time that I ever really heard of this sport was when I was a teenager.
@youless (109391)
• Guangzhou, China
29 Dec 11
I am not interested in some sports such as boxing. However, I think the sports I hate probably is the golf. I think this is a very boring sports. The golfer just walk and it is slow. The competition is not so exciting. Besides, some of them even take a little car to arrive at the spot. I think it is a kind of waste. Since I think the sports shall make you sweat and have enough exercises. Whereas the golf seems to be quite relaxing. Furthermore, the golf place is large but it is not environmental. As a person who care about the environment, I don't like it at all. Especially the golf is even regarded as the rich people's sports. I love China