new years resolution

December 29, 2011 12:03am CST
Happy New Year Everyone! 2012 is fast approaching. As we enter another chapter of our life's journey, this is the best time to just stop and contemplate for a while of all the blessings and heartaches we've been through this year and to plan for our next steps... As they say, stop looking backward. Learn from the past, face what you have today and plan the future. So guys, if you could share your plans and new years resolutions... we are glad to hear and learn from you....
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@dhawanbm (3705)
• India
29 Dec 11
yes new year is approaching fast and you need to gear up for all you can do in the next year. The chapter of this year come to an end. lets begin with new things and resolutions to save nature and all that we can do to avoid wasting water.
• China
29 Dec 11
Do more hard with my job,I still have much place to enhance in my work And with my boyfriend have a harmonious life The most important thing is I have a wish,wish all of my family and friend have a good health in the new year....everyone is happy and get the blessedness.....
@annierose (19600)
• Philippines
29 Dec 11
hi sparklingpink, My 2011 has not been that good compared to the previous year 2010. This year, a lot of sad things happened. I was in poor health for many months, were absent for a long time at work and got meager amount of money from my job. I have been in short term relationships which I think is just a fling because I think that I still cannot move on with the break up I had before.However, I just think of the more positive events that happened even it is just few. I got promoted in my job despite my weak health, my youngest sister passed the licensure exam for teachers, my mother already have her pension approved and I have many people around me that love me. I treasure all of those things. You have shared a wonderful post. I agree with you that we should learn from our past and be careful not to commit the mistakes we had before. We must enjoy the present and be positive with the future.Most of all, we should always have faith in God and believe in our capabilities to make our dream come true.